Does this project provide pedestrian and bicycle accommodations?

Yes, the project provides the following proposed pedestrian and bicycle accommodations:

  • A 10-foot-wide sidepath is proposed along the east side of PA 413 (Pine Street), and a 5-foot-wide sidewalk is proposed along the west side of PA 413 (Pine Street) within the project limits to connect the existing sidewalks north and south of the project.
  • 5-foot-wide paved shoulders will be provided on the West Interchange Road and Corn Crib Lane overpasses.
  • In areas where the existing frontage (service) roads are no longer needed, the design team is investigating replacing the existing pavement with a shared-use (pedestrian and bicyclist) path. This is being done in coordination with the local municipalities.  As of now, Middletown Township has voiced its support for including a shared-use path while Langhorne Manor Borough has requested to not have the path within their respective boundaries.